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29.04.2022 By: Andreas Haug

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ITJ 19-20/2022

Dear readers,

Will the Transport Logistic China trade fair, which includes Air Cargo China, take place in mid-June – or fall prey to Covid-19 for the second time in succession? Everyday life’s a big struggle for many people in the event’s home town of Shanghai today, as well as in other Chinese cities. Yet logistics has to make sure it stays ahead of the game by banking on technological innovation to ensure the world remains supplied with essential goods (see page 19).

China’s return to strict measures to combat the outbreak of Covid-19 have also heavily affected Shanghai and Hong Kong airports – both of which grew tremendously in 2021 (see page 13). The three more Asian hubs in the top ten – Seoul, Taipei, Tokyo – ensure a leading role for the region in the global industry.

The world’s other continents have a strong presence in our reports in this issue too.

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Andreas Haug


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