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10.06.2022 By: Andreas Haug

Artikel Nummer: 41198

ITJ 23-26/2022

Dear readers,

Transport and logistics are essential vectors of globalisation. You felt it in your daily lives, when virtually no corner of the world was untouched by the outbreak of Covid-19. And it’s a similar story with the next crisis – no matter how far you are from the Ukrainian theatre of war. The four regional foci in this issue are perfect examples thereof.

As part of the New Silk Road, Iran and Greece are both witnesses to and players in the shift of traffic flows between Europe and Asia; in the Maghreb as well as the rest of North Africa, the shortage of grain is threatening to intensify into a full-blown food crisis; and even Switzerland, whose francophone centres of Geneva and Lausanne are home to so many international organisations, is looking at options that will put its neutrality to the test.

In the face of these events it may be difficult to focus on the day-to-day activities needed to keep our businesses in the transport and logistics industry going. I hope that our reports on the 60 pages that this issue contains overall will help you to do so.

Enjoy your read!
Andreas Haug


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