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18.02.2022 By: Andreas Haug

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ITJ 9-10/2022

Dear readers,

Perhaps you’ve already noticed – with effect from 2.2.2022, our publishing group, which runs business activities in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, will no longer trade under the name Swiss Professional Media, but will now be known as the MedTriX Group.

What does this change of name mean for you? Just a little bureaucratic effort. Please inform your accounting department about our new contact details (see our masthead on page 23) and pay attention to our new e-mail addresses, which now end with This is important to receive our ITJ Daily newsletter.

You, our readers, will naturally continue to receive global transport and logistics news from the ITJ, as you’ve been used to for decades, both online – which includes our LinkedIn channel – and printed, always in at least three languages.

In this issue, I’d like to highlight an exclusive article on page 9 by our New York correspondent Manik Mehta, who elaborates how US retailers are chartering ever more transport space themselves.

The world’s a changing place and new players are always entering new markets. This year’s Agility Emerging Markets Logistics Index, analysed by ITJ editor-in-chief Christian Doepgen on page 17, reveals where the industry’s leaders place them.

Enjoy your read!
Andreas Haug




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