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Lucky Aviation makes Angolans happy

Taag Angola Airlines has signed a commercial agreement with the Chinese aviation group Lucky Aviation, "valued at approximately USD 200 million." The operation is leveraged on a charter contract basis exclusively for the transport of cargo, mainly raw materials, agricultural products, electronics and miscellaneous goods.



The Changsha - Luanda - São Paulo route went live last week, connecting countries from three continents two times a week. Initially operated by a B777-200ER, the service will be afterwards upgraded to B777-300ER with 76 t capacity.


Having launched a cargo-only route from Hong Kong in March, the African airline sees a huge potential for new routes with origin in other Chinese cities like Beijing, Chengdu (CTU, TFU), Guangzhou and Shanghai (SHA). There is also the opportunity to connect to destinations in India, sub-Saharan African countries and Europe. (ah)


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